Welcome to EveBest.org!

After a few weeks of getting ready behind the scenes and tracking down a lot of Eve’s work, I’m finally ready to open up Eve Best Online to the public! While I still have a bit to go to find everything she’s done, not to mention organizing the career section, I’ve got nearly 10k files in the gallery already, with many more to come!

I’ve set up a Twitter for the site which you can find here, an Instagram page here and in the future, I hope to be able to open more social networks for the site where fans can come and chat about everything Eve.

If you have anything, photo, video, etc that you’d like to donate or interviews that you would like to see me screencap, you can drop me a tweet or an email and I’d be more than happy to add any donations to the site and credit you in both the album and site post.

Please remember though that I am not Eve, I cannot pass along any fan messages or mail to her and I have no contact with her, her family, or her management, I’m just a fan wanting to share updates and photos about her work. Her private life is completely off limits and I will not answer questions about her private time, only her career.

Huge thanks to everyone for being so supportive of the project thus far as well as those who have been showing the gallery lots of love the last few weeks, I quietly launched that in the background while I worked on the main site and I’m just so happy to have everything open now.