Audio Plays

Here’s a list and some of the audio dramas or stories available that Eve has done over the years:

Emma (2000)

Emma Woodhouse is a woman so blessed by life that she declares she will never marry.

Radio Drama Collection – Emma: Part 1:

Radio Drama Collection – Emma: Part 2:

The Winter’s Tale (2018)

The Winter’s Tale treads new dramatic ground embracing tragedy, poetry, folklore, magic realism, music, comedy and the infamous stage direction “exit pursued by a bear”. One of Shakespeare’s mesmerising later productions, often considered a ‘problem play’ as it starts with a tragedy and ends in a romance.

Eve plays Hermione.


The Rape of Lucrece (2006)
Shakespeare draws on the Roman take of the Emperor Tarquin’s desire for Lucrece and its tragic consequences.

Eve plays Lucrece.

The Holly and the Ivy

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